JC Gift Magnet for Childhood Friend

JC - Fridge Art

Jack, a childhood friend, was in town and confirmed in the morning that he’d be stopping by that afternoon. It’d been the longest time since we’d said hello in person. His life has mostly been shared to my eyes through social media. I had an urge to do a piece for him with him as inspiration. Sorta like rolling a chance card and seeing if my intuitions would produce a remotely appropriate and personal gift.

Always a thoughtful person, he’s a traveler, and advisor. His first and last initials are JC. His middle name is Hunter.

I’d thought, for a moment, that it could be dry by the time he visited that afternoon. It wasn’t. The thickness of some of the paint needed time. I didn’t mention the piece until I finished it a few days later. Then sent it to him.

I adhered a magnet to the back, which I’ve recently been doing to free-form pieces like this, so it could be hung casually as fridge-art if that’s the recipient’s choice.

It’s on his fridge now and I have to say the piece is in good company.


JC Gift

2023, roughly 9″x 5″, acrylics and mixed medium, magnet, on laminated layer canvas.



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