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Spring Window Cards

Relax Spring Window Cards 2023

Relax Massage Therapy on Greenwich Street in the West Village, New York, is owned by a friend of mine. Seasonally I do signs for his street level storefront windows. Modest and fitting frames he’s used in the past, this is the first time I’ve added dimensionality to the surface. I’ve been doing dimensional pieces recently […]

A Thank You/Housewarming Commission

Dana & Kevin - Yes

This is a thank you and housewarming gift rolled into one. My friend Patrick commissioned me to do this gift for Dana and Kevin. Dana was NYC based for years. That’s where I met her and where she worked with Patrick. Today she and Kevin have a new home in Florida. That’s the housewarming part. […]

Earth Springs


This piece is all about life. The green sprout rising, youth, words: “Earth Springs. We Witness. We Spring in Kind.” And more.  Attached to it’s chain is an apple, which is where it is signed and dated.  Most definitely a life affirming piece. Earth Springs 2002 Acrylics and mixed medium on window sash, chain with dangling […]

Rocky & Coco

Rocky & Coco

I had the good fortune of sharing time with Linda and both her champs. This commissioned portrait of Rocky and Coco began with an initial at home on-premise photo session and then a second on-premise shoot. After that, and choosing selects, I painted the piece. It took roughly two months to complete. Timing was significant, […]

The Reclaimed Stick Story

Blue Stick

From barn to manor. I call them 1″ wonders. I had never seen these sticks in their raw form but knew instantly that I wanted to paint them. I discovered them on a summer driving trip with my friend Gino. They were stacked and dusty in the corner of a barn with, I was told, […]

For the Love of Daffodils

Daffodil Stick - Tobacco Stick

I have a long history of painting things. Often my favorite things to paint have great bone structure but are under appreciated, ready for second lives. Tobacco sticks personify this potential. Solid, evocative, architectural. Marvelously tactile, slender, weighty.  Once farm tools, now repurposed as enchanting canvas. Scepter or staff? Or accent mark to a lucky […]