Daffodil Stick, 2011, 1″x 52″, acrylic and mixed medium on wood. 

I have a long history of painting things. Often my favorite things to paint have great bone structure but are underappreciated, ready for second lives. These sticks personified that inclination. Solid marvels, architectural, evocative, tactile, weighty. Scepter and staff.

I found them in Kentucky on a driving trip with a friend. I’d never seen one before. Farm tools hand-hewn from old growth trees. In time, the farm no longer needed them and that’s where I came in. I saw them as solid slenders of new canvas. Pure potential.

On my first visit to the farm, Lucy gave us a tour and in the back of one of their barns there they were. Under years of dust, thousands of them.

Averaging 1″ square by 52″ long, they’re pointed at both ends. Some are weightier than others, depends on their wood.

I was encouraged to take as many sticks as I’d like. I chose six. This Daffodil Stick is painted on one of those original sticks and is in honor of Lucy who loves life and is surrounded by it every spring with her favorite flower.

Well received by Lucy, John, and the family back at the farm it’s sister and brother sticks went on to win a West Village Arts award the following year. Best use of a recycled materials.

Un-Painted Tobacco Stick by E.G.Silberman