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Earth Springs


This piece is all about life. The green sprout rising, youth, words: “Earth Springs. We Witness. We Spring in Kind.” And more.  Attached to it’s chain is an apple, which is where it is signed and dated.  Most definitely a life affirming piece. Earth Springs 2002 Acrylics and mixed medium on window sash, chain with dangling […]



Ginger, one of two dogs on my floor, Bob’s dog, passed away recently from cancer. Sweet disposition and wonderful companion to Bob. Bob’s a walker and I know Ginger did not lack for circulation. I miss her. Did this for Bob. I’ve been doing names on laminate this year. It’s a sturdy surface and here, […]

The Bianca Commission


This portrait came to be through the imagination of Nikki whose friends Kathy and Cliff are the lucky companions of Bianca. A Spinone Italiano, Bianca was a pleasure to photograph and a joy to paint. Commissioned with the thought of being a gift given at Thanksgiving, all went perfectly on schedule. In this piece I see […]