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Ginger, one of two dogs on my floor, Bob’s dog, passed away recently from cancer. Sweet disposition and wonderful companion to Bob. Bob’s a walker and I know Ginger did not lack for circulation. I miss her. Did this for Bob. I’ve been doing names on laminate this year. It’s a sturdy surface and here, […]

The Bianca Commission


This portrait came to be through the imagination of Nikki whose friends Kathy and Cliff are the lucky companions of Bianca. A Spinone Italiano, Bianca was a pleasure to photograph and a joy to paint. Commissioned with the thought of being a gift given at Thanksgiving, all went perfectly on schedule. In this piece I see […]

Principle Obscura

Principle Obscura -

America’s vision obscured. This painting speaks to America’s great potential and how poor leadership comes from distorted lenses and blinded principles.  Painted in 2005 it unfortunately applies today. Even given all this, I believe America’s DNA is solid and will survive, integrity intact.     Principle Obscura 2005 It’s painted using acrylics, adornments, and mixed […]