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Ginger, one of two dogs on my floor, Bob’s dog, passed away recently from cancer. Sweet disposition and wonderful companion to Bob. Bob’s a walker and I know Ginger did not lack for circulation. I miss her. Did this for Bob. I’ve been doing names on laminate this year. It’s a sturdy surface and here, […]

The Bianca Commission


This portrait came to be through the imagination of Nikki whose friends Kathy and Cliff are the lucky companions of Bianca. A Spinone Italiano, Bianca was a pleasure to photograph and a joy to paint. Commissioned with the thought of being a gift given at Thanksgiving, all went perfectly on schedule. In this piece I see […]

Mehmet’s 1st Anniversary

Mehmet's 1st Anniversary

Mehmet’s 1st Anniversary, 2017, was painted in celebration of Victoria and Engin’s boy at the one year anniversary of his birth. It is painted on clear canvas acetate using acrylics and mixed medium. I painted the crown, sun and olive branch, the red dot, the underline. They are the details that I drew on first impulse […]

Floral Susan

Floral Susan

I made this for a friend who just moved into a new place. Rather than bring her flowers I painted a housewarming bouquet instead. Floral Susan has red, white, and blue main flowers which reference her father who was a United States Congressman for many years (serving from the Great State of New York) and who recently died. It’s a versatile piece painted on clear canvas, […]

Black and White and Hairy All Over

Black & White Man - Evan Silberman NYC

This was painted on both sides of a clear canvas.   Black and White and Hairy All Over 2006 Acrylics and mixed medium on acetate. 80 x 20 inches I used myself as the template for the figure, tracing myself head to toe. It’s painted on a clear canvas and is weighted by five mirrored ovals at it’s bottom. Look […]

Tip The Universe

Full image of Tip the Universe by E.G.Silberman

Here a needle rises.  Through it’s eye five ribbons thread intertwining into a single pointed nib. A young man holds aloft a scroll upon which the nib has scribed. A red dot, symbolic of the blood spot of creation, is evident and although small, prominent. Tip The Universe 2009 Acrylic and mixed medium on acetate 18 x […]

What Is?

Words - What Is? by E.G.Silberman, 2009

This is another of my paintings with a question as a title.  Questions are a pattern with me.  Here I’m whispering about the acceptability of male conversation and what’s natural for males and their biologic selves.  What is?  And what are our patterns?  What have we learned?  Often for me it’s the sheer asking of questions that requires […]