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Earth Springs


This piece is all about life. The green sprout rising, youth, words: “Earth Springs. We Witness. We Spring in Kind.” And more.  Attached to it’s chain is an apple, which is where it is signed and dated.  Most definitely a life affirming piece. Earth Springs 2002 Acrylics and mixed medium on window sash, chain with dangling […]



Ginger, one of two dogs on my floor, Bob’s dog, passed away recently from cancer. Sweet disposition and wonderful companion to Bob. Bob’s a walker and I know Ginger did not lack for circulation. I miss her. Did this for Bob. I’ve been doing names on laminate this year. It’s a sturdy surface and here, […]

The Tobacco Sticks Story

Doug and Rachel's Tobacco Sticks

I call them 1″ Wonders. I discovered them on a summer driving trip with my friend Gino. While walking on the Kentucky farm of friends Lucy and John I spotted them. At the other end of one of the barns there they were. I had never seen one before let alone thousands. While I didn’t know […]

Solid, Slender, Horizontal

Horizontal Stick - Evan Silberman NYC

This was horizontally mounted using two L-hooks. These 1″ wonders can go where you might never have considered art could go.      Slender and award winning these hand painted Kentucky/NYC tobacco sticks are uniquely versatile. Firstly, they’re solid wood. Averaging 52″ long by 1″ square I’ve repurposed these artifacts of tobacco farming into welcoming accents. Lean them […]


Fireworks - Evan Silberman, NYC

Fireworks, once it was hung, exhibited aspects of it’s natural properties…reflectiveness.  Four images here demonstrate the effect of direct sun on it’s mirrored surface.   Fireworks 2005 Acrylic and mixed medium on mirrored polymer disc 36″ diameter, round The disc itself has a legacy.  Prior to it being painted by me it lined the face […]