I have a lot more art than is being shown here. Only some pieces are available in my shop.

Ask about any piece you see and I can offer you information as to price, size, materials, availability.

Overnight shipping is not offered to allow me time to safely pack and ship each item. Many have unique shapes and, like the delicate items, need time to do correctly.

Some items like tobacco sticks, squares, ties and cardboards could be expedited. Contact me if you feel it’s necessary and I’m pretty sure I can oblige.

Yes. You can commission me. Commissions can range from traditional canvas work to me adding my magic to objects you might have in your life.  This process is best begun with a conversation started by contacting me with your thoughts.

Commission Me Here

Each art piece offered has a price, tax included, which at checkout will have added to it shipping as calculated by your location and item choice.

The opportunity to return art purchases is available to you.  If the art piece is returned in exact and pristine condition within 14 days from shipped date I offer a credit to future purchases.  This credit amount will be determined at the receipt of the returned piece based on condition and expenses incurred.

At checkout you will be given the opportunity to pay in cash or via PayPal – paying with a credit card through PayPal.

PayPal - Credit Cards

My work is all done by me and done right here in the USA. Specifically in the West Village, New York, New York.

Yes. And I’ll work with you – international buyer – to make the process smooth. Currently the site’s buying apparatus is United States focused, so please let me know if you’re finding hurdles to making your purchase.

Studio visits are available by appointment only.

The Generals

Original Art

The only art you’ll find here is original one-of-a-kind work by me. Brut and sophisticated, joyous and raw, each piece has a bit of me invested in it. To participate in their creation has been my luck.

Artifact to Art

While traditional canvas is not foreign to me I embrace the spirit of repurposed materials. Canvas comes in all forms. Some of my favorite second-go-of-it canvases have been lamps, picture frames and coffee tables.

NYC Grown

No other place on earth could have been more fertile in raising an artist and I’m happy I was led to the watering hole by parents who knew how culture shapes one’s being. As hometowns go, mine has forever been a richly informing source.

Best Effort

I aim to pack and ship your purchases in a timely and excellent fashion.  No doubt my acumen will improve as I gain in service experience. For now, all hands are on deck and they aim to please.

Contact me here with other questions. Thanks.