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For the Love of Daffodils

Daffodil Stick - Tobacco Stick

I have a long history of painting things. Often my favorite things to paint have great bone structure but are under appreciated, ready for second lives. Tobacco sticks personify this potential. Solid, evocative, architectural. Marvelously tactile, slender, weighty.  Once farm tools, now repurposed as enchanting canvas. Scepter or staff? Or accent mark to a lucky […]

Mask Up

Masks - Evan Silberman NYC - Father and Son

Before masks became pandemic gear I painted a bunch of costume masks to sell locally. Custom costume. Seemed a ripe canvas. So, in the spirit of “let’s see” I purchased a few plain party masks and painted them using acrylics and mixed medium. They sold at Gothic Renaissance in the East Village. I wore the white one, below, to my […]



Ginger, one of two dogs on my floor, Bob’s dog, passed away recently from cancer. Sweet disposition and wonderful companion to Bob. Bob’s a walker and I know Ginger did not lack for circulation. I miss her. Did this for Bob. I’ve been doing names on laminate this year. It’s a sturdy surface and here, […]