Thanks to a Letchworth, New York AirBnB


Painted on the reflective interior of a take-home bag from Masala Times, a favorite restaurant on my block in NYC, this piece almost didn’t happen. The bag hit me as possible canvas — it had a large clean and shiny surface when opened. From disposable to opportunity. It was either going into the garbage or becoming a test canvas for me.

An upcoming Western New York State trip to the Letchworth State Park area, known as the Grand Canyon of the East, inspired the doing of Thanks.

The blue and orange are New York State colors and colors I’ve been keening toward lately. THANKS fit the blue shape. It’s a great word to have shining in your face.

I added a couple of magnets on the back and tested it on my refrigerator door. Magic. It holds up. Joyful and brut.



2022, 14″x 8″, acrylic and mixed medium on reflective bag interior, magnets on back.

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