For Dana and Kevin, Choices in a Thank You/Housewarming Gift

Dana & Kevin - Yes

This is a thank you and housewarming gift rolled into one.

My friend Patrick commissioned me to do this gift for Dana and Kevin. Dana was NYC based for years. That’s where I met her and where she worked with Patrick. Today she and Kevin have a new home in Florida. That’s the housewarming part. The thank you part is in appreciation of Dana and Kevin’s musical talents and their bringing it to a significant gathering in Patrick’s life.

This 34 piece combo package, mix-and-match gift, can be placed anywhere (I included museum mounting putty and tiny magnets with adhesive on one side) and in any configuration. Hallway, refrigerator, ceiling. Freedom. If nothing is permanent why not enjoy the flexibility?

The words are very much within Dana’s lexicon: Yes, Here, Finding truth inside all, Yes, yes, yes!

Joy is my greatest hope in the Dana and Kevin’s experience of this gift.

The pieces are free-formed and overall lighthearted. Reflective. Bright and organically shaped, they are painted using acrylics and mixed medium on recycled poly-carbonate laminate sheets. 2022.

For size reference, the freestanding Yes is roughly 5″x 6″.

  • I can report back that Dana and Kevin have had a great time using the many pieces of this gift. And I’ll add they’ve done so in ways beyond my expectations. Truly creative choices. A blast to see.

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