Mirrored discs spanned the Roseland Ballroom balcony.

I knew the owner of the event, still do, Stephen Pevner. I had met him a few years prior at another Saint-at-Large Roseland event. He was one of the folks who loved to dance and was always there on that dance floor till the end. He carried on the Saint-at-Large Roseland Ballroom connection until the Ballroom stood no more.

Thirty reflective plexi discs, a yard in diameter, lined the face of the balcony encircling all but Roseland’s stage. This was created solely for the event, decoration.

I saw them as blank canvas.

Yes they were terrific in the dance space reflecting all the changing lights and moods.

To me their future life and second-go-at-it after the dance party could be as canvas for me to paint. Their size and shape and reflectivity were completely new to what I’d ever tried.

And what is canvas? A jumping off point that begins with a connection of “can do.”

When I mentioned to Stephen the appeal of the discs he offered them for me to paint. Dear guy. He knew I liked painting things.

I went home with five discs. Here are four of the five.


Silver Man

Mom on one arm, Dad/Son on the other. Hairy all over.

Silver Man


This is a fella sitting, cigarette in mouth, knees to chest, hands clasped in front.

Five figures sit with him.



In it’s mirror surface you are part of the ebullience of this piece. Joy is at it’s center. Horizon and sky, pyramid and cypress.

It’s a big bang sunrise. Says morning rather than doom. And if it’s a big bang sunset, then the day that preceded it had to have been a great one.

Fireworks (SOLD)

Fireworks over a summer boardwalk.

Fireworks - Evan Silberman, NYC

Sad news, Roseland was demolished in 2014. Good news, my Impresario friend saved the dance floor from being discarded and has it in storage in a New Jersey warehouse at the present time (9/12/2016).  While it’s fate is unknown, it will always be my historic favorite dance floor of all time. Perhaps no floor on earth has had more honest energy and life embued in it than Roseland’s.  I definitely contributed my share.

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