Welcome Alp


Alp is the second offspring of Victoria and Engin. His older brother, Mehmet, got his own named piece as a gift for turning one year old. It’s my way of celebrating their entrance on earth. Smart and loving parents and now a second young son. Inspiring was their holiday card and the four of them in family positions sitting outdoors and smiling. Wonderfully lifting visuals. Always fun to do a piece with someone in mind.

It’s dimensions are 16″ x 20″, roughly. It’s painted with acrylics and mixed medium on a clear vinyl canvas given to me by a West Village neighbor decades ago. At the time I was shifting from painting on glass to less vulnerable materials like acetate, vinyl, plexi. All clear and not as fragile as glass. Why glass in the first place? I like painting on both sides of a piece. It gives me multiple shots at building it.

Both Alp and Mehmet’s pieces have visual references to sky, crown, and a leafed branch in the zone of olive/laurel. Both have clear canvas with painted frames.

Great thing about these vinyl pieces is that they are lightweight and kid safe. They’re perfect for a kids room because they can be hung with thumbtacks and if they were ever to come off the wall accidentally no hard edge or weight would hurt the child.

Most of all Alp and Mehmet now have a friendly, “Hello you” on their wall. A daily welcome.


Here is Alp's Brother's Piece




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