Websites are like paintings. You work with what you have and do the best you can.

Below are two sites, the first I did for myself, the second for my friend’s business in the West Village. 

Evan Silberman Art Website -

My site, above, is an e-commerce art shop built using WordPress. It has a shop, galleries, blog, etc.




VISIT Site #1

Homepage of website - Evan Silberman.NYC

The Relax site, above, was created for the 20th anniversary of a friend’s West Village shop.

VISIT Site #2

If you need assistance building a website let me know. >>> Write me HERE.




JC - Fridge Art

JC, 2023, acrylic and mixed medium, magnetically backed. A gift I gave to a childhood friend, and a gift to see in his life on his fridge. And in such good company.