Tied in togetherness, bound in union, the indivisibility of our being is at the center of this piece.

UNION floats centered within a fully transparent canvas. It joins human and earth, sky and form. It is a relishable joy to see up close. It’s adorned with a rich dimensional surface including leaves and tiny reflective silver balls. A treat for the eyes and spirit.

As is, it is complete. As a thought for its future mounting possibilities I’ve imagined cutting a piece of plexi to UNION’s exact painted X footprint, trimming the clear away, and marrying the two. The combined backing and painting would then be a solid unit. Adding to this thought I’ve considered putting it on a dial so it can be turned.




Painted using acrylics, adornment, and mixed medium, UNION is painted on clear canvas, mylar/acetate, and floats centered within the fully transparent 41″x 36″ space. The painted area is 33″x 32″.


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