The 2021 Series

2021 Series

Welcome 2021. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

In a burst of gratitude to 2021 being right around the bend I did these. I needed to put something down on a surface. And after painting 2021 once I couldn’t resist doing it more so I added three boards to the batch. Four in all. Hope loves company.

The 2021 Series


12.5″ x 3-3.5″ (width varies), Series of four. Acrylic and mixed medium on board.

These boards have been in my canvas stock for over a decade and I’ve never used them until now. I found them alongside the clear plexi square remnants I’ve painted from Carnegie Hall’s 2008 renovation. In this case it wasn’t plexi but rather linoleum, likely from a floor installation, sturdy, black, uniform, and many. Like the plexi, these were castaways I caught. Happy to give them a second use.

These four catch light and reflect luck. They say a page has turned. Goodbye and hello. More hello. Hello, 2021. Welcome x 4.

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