Self Portrait

This is a self portrait of me. Part 1993. Part 2012. A hybrid.

Walking home one night in the late 90’s I found this frame leaning against a tree in front of a brownstone ready for pick-up. I could see why they were throwing out the print. The frame, however, was a thrill for me. I carried it home, turned the print around and sealed the frame up. Left it like that for over a decade until the phrase, “What are you waiting for?” convinced me. So I used the frame.  I wanted to paint a self portrait.

Painted on both sides of the clear plexi sheet that came inside the frame it is indeed a hairy piece. Hair on the ear is more circa 2012. Hair on the head is more like the photo of me circa 1993. The hand gesture, at the time, and to me in general, speaks to connection. I began wearing the chain in 2010 after a Chinese fortune teller said I needed to wear more metal. I had wore none.

My parents had given me a chain when I graduating High School. I wear it to this day. It is etched:


Dear Evan

Go with our love and our faith

You are always in our hearts

Love Mom and Dad


Self Portrait, 2012

37 x 47 inches

Acrylic and mixed medium on clear plexi.









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