human husbandry

HUMAN HUSBANDRY IN THE MALE QUADRANT, 2005, 37″x 25″, acrylic and mixed medium on framed board.

“Human Husbandry in the Male Quadrant” and “The Male Quadrant of Human Husbandry” are both written on this piece. Both work.

Doing this piece felt like signing my own Magna Carta. Having a thought  brought to light, made visible. A thought made flesh. I remember painting it and thinking this is what it feels like to have guts, patriotic human guts. Having a cause.

As an artist this piece took courage for me to do. Symbolic it was not. It was literal. It was more exposing because it was in words.  A void was being expressed positively. To this day it speaks true to me.

It has a ring of leaves on its frame. And I love that about it. It’s a hard copy. It exists. 18 years later, messy, fun, and thoughtful, it is still here. Still an educational destination. A beacon to follow. A thought I’m proud I put to canvas.


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