human husbandry

Human Husbandry in the Male Quadrant, 2005, 37″x 25″, acrylic and mixed medium on framed board.

“Human husbandry in the male quadrant” and “The male quadrant of human husbandry” are both written on this piece. Both work.

As an artist in 2005 this piece took courage for me to do.

I remember it was more exposing than almost any I’d done. Symbolic it was not. It was literal.

As I’d observed in the world there was an absence of male consciousness. The radical understanding I’d observed was  absence. In this piece I wanted to make seen what I knew was under-heralded but there.

This was my layman scientist’s thesis requesting and getting air. Painting the broad stroke concept felt heretical. It was commitment, like publicly signing my name to a list of fellow thinkers posting a thought. But that list didn’t exist. Still doesn’t. I remember painting it and thinking this is what it feels like to have guts.

Not so much patriotic American guts, but patriotic human guts.

Where did it come from? A void in male consciousness, for me and how I was raised, for one. And while all males seem to have to raise themselves when it comes to themselves as males, I also asked why, what, who, when, where, how. Unawareness of generic self seems an opportunity for next generation education. Education. That: human husbandry includes a male quadrant.


What have we learned? What can we pass along to each other as males, to our sons, to parents of future sons?

I pursue this with hope and gratitude. Being of service, bettering for the next.

s h a r e

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