E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. Undertaking. Anew.

These three mottos from the Great Seal of the United States, translated from Latin, and simplified, are incorporated in the triangular eye at the center of this boldly American art piece. In spirit and wish it speaks to the providence of the American cause.

E Pluribus Unum uses elements from the back of the dollar bill, where you’ll find both sides of the Great Seal. Like the image on the Seal, my pyramid has 13 black steps representing the 13 original colonies. Inside the structure of the pyramid is American endeavor and change in a fabric pattern that I chose for it’s tumultuous nature.

Here, the pyramid and eye are braced by two vibrant laurel leaves and radiates with glorious intent.





36″x 30″, painted on printed fabric using acrylics, adornment, and mixed medium.

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