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The Unproduced NeXT :30 TV Script

NeXT - Evan Silberman

  During my early advertising days I worked with Steve Jobs on NeXT computers. I was working as a copywriter at the ad agency Ammirati & Puris and for this client I wrote print ads and the sole tv commercial A&P created for NeXT. Recently I found that script. It’s dated November 17, 1989. The commercial was approved but never produced. It’s a 30 second spot and the […]

The Chuck Close Mosaics: 2nd Ave Subway

Chuck Close - Mosaic - Detail - 86th St Subway at 2nd Ave - 08

Modern mosaic masterpieces are now permanently affixed to the walls of the new 2nd Ave subway station at 86th St.  And they are glorious. At the helm of this subway’s art direction is the artist Chuck Close.  He’s known for large portraits of head-on facial shots. Huge faces eight feet tall. Here his work is done in mosaic and […]

America’s New Museum on the Mall

National Museum of African American History and Culture - Washington Monument

As soon as I heard that the National Museum of African American History & Culture was opening I went to their website assuming it existed and would be open too.  It was. Featured was a timed-ticket sign up to visit the museum. They were offering the first batch of passes ever offered to the general public. I couldn’t resist. […]